Compare 18 Master of Art Programs in Management

A Master of Arts (MA) is a flexible degree that students can obtain in many fields. To earn an MA, schools often require a combination of classroom studies and research over the span of a few years.

What is an MA in Management? This degree is often considered a starting point for those pursuing different areas of leadership and management. Studies begin with the basics of business and general management and then may branch into specialized areas such as international business. Often, the courses taken for an MA in Management focus on the student’s future choice of employment, preparing him or her for the business world. These students will look at the modern marketplace and find areas in which they can lead and excel in entrepreneurial endeavors.

No matter their choice of specialization, graduates with an MA in Management stand to gain leadership and problem-solving abilities, which will help them contribute locally to their communities, whether as a strong voice on the school board or someone advocating positive change. These skills, combined with their greater knowledge of real-world business, also increase their value to prospective employers.

A major factor in choosing a university is cost, which fluctuates depending on location and program. Students seeking to obtain an MA in Management should complete thorough research on the cost of their preferred program before enrolling.

Since an MA in Management is such an open starting point, the student pursuing it can be looking at many career options. Those with master’s degrees in management may become managers, analysts, or consultants, whether in the private or public sector. Some students may choose to be executives at any level of government or nonprofit managers. In all of these careers, graduates are leading the voice of change and progress within their chosen field.

Campuses in many countries offer full- and part-time programs for students pursuing master’s degrees in management. Hundreds of schools also offer online options for students requiring a flexible schedule. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.