Position yourself for success in a rapidly growing field.

LASA Master of Healthcare Management program can help pave the way for you to become a leader in the business side of healthcare.  Demand for health services managers is expected to rise over 15 percent in the next decade1. In as little as three years, graduates of this program will be prepared to serve in a managerial role in a number of health care organizations, including nursing administration, government offices, pharmaceutical sales, and even veterinary clinics

As you work toward your master’s degree, courses in the program will equip you with the knowledge and skills you’ll need to earn the highest distinction in the field: Certification as an American College of Healthcare Executives Fellow (FACHE).

Courses taught in this program are designed with this certification in mind. Many of the course materials are taken directly from the same materials that are used to create the FACHE certification exam. This master’s program, along with the highly-regarded FACHE certification, can lead to a successful career in an administrative role in healthcare.

Learn from multiple perspectives.

The Master of Healthcare Management program lives within the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, which leads to a robust curriculum designed with the collaboration and shared resources of faculty members from various backgrounds. The unique perspectives offered by our faculty and other students in your cohort supplement course materials designed to prepare you for the FACHE certification exam. You’ll exchange insights and expertise based on real-world experiences that can help prepare you for a successful career in healthcare management.

Earn your master’s degree on your schedule.

Your busy schedule doesn’t have to keep you from earning your master’s degree. The Master of Healthcare Management program at Creighton University can be completed entirely online, meaning you can work toward your degree whenever and wherever you like.