Compare 6 Master of Art Programs in Other Languages

Master of Arts (MA) programs offer a space for students to gain more specialized knowledge in their area of passion. Through this acquisition of information and experience, graduates may be able to gain greater long-term career opportunities.

What is an MA in Other Languages? These programs often focus on the structures and background of languages across the globe and throughout history. Students may explore the methodology of linguistic structures through courses on established theory and literature in languages such as English, Swedish, Portuguese and Chinese. Many programs also offer specialization options in the studies of sounds, words, sentences and meanings.

During their course of study, students often gain a greater global perspective, which can open a variety of international opportunities across the globe. Additionally, an in-depth understanding of language patterns and a mastery of sentence structures improve communication skills which can expand career options.

Several factors impact the cost of attendance, and institutions set prices based on components such as location and program length. Students should always do research to anticipate monetary expectations and plan responsibly.

Graduates may be able to acquire an interesting selection of careers. Depending on specializations or areas of interest, students may choose to serve as instructors at varying educational levels, or continue their studies and become professors of language and linguistics. Some may find positions as translators in local or international organizations in the private or public sectors, and others may serve at legal and investigative institutions as forensic linguistic specialists. It may be possible for a graduate to find editorial work, particularly in a lexicographic capacity.

An MA in Other Languages can be found at a variety of organizations across the continents. Online options can be optimal for students looking to pursue a degree. To begin considering programs, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.