Known as


Is an educational limited company incorporated and registered in England and wales with company number registered offices in London.

 ( LONDON ACADEMY FOR SCIENCE AND ARTS.) Is a leading British academy specializing in the training of public and private sector organizations and individuals. Through our headquarters in the UK and Europe, and other parts of the world; we provide unique learning services to enhance people’s performance in the workplace in the areas of Management, Media, PR and Information Technology and other domains.

We have the confidence, excellence and assurance to bring success to organizations and clients who are seeking to improve their skills and performance. All this is carried out through our innovative and robust learning solutions and techniques.

Vision & Mission


LASA is one of the leading Academies across the world in training and development solutions. Our vision has been workable, achievable and realistic, our resources to contributed to achieving it.  Our services are open to all levels of organizations and people, since we believe in enabling and enhancing knowledge and skills.


Through our specialized work in Management, Media, PR and Information Technology, we are working to:

– Improve organizational performance through customized training and development solutions.

– Enhance people’s skills and their ability to embrace changing career patterns, global mobility, technological developments and new ways of working.

– Provide organizations and individuals with unique opportunities to exchange business and management experience and knowledge on a global level.

– Provide customized and VIP training with very flexible and comfortable services for our values costumers.

Our Trainers

LASA is staffed with skillful, enthusiastic and experienced people. We have a unique multi-national and multi-lingual team, equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge in various international business and universities. LASA  includes very experienced trainers, consultants and academics on various domains. Our services are offered in various languages like English, Arabic, French, German, Spanish and Italian.


Using our extensive knowledge and experience, we have devised, developed, piloted and

Implemented the methods we use and we are actively involved with institutions that use our solutions and systems on a daily basis. We offer customized management, financial and other consulting services for a wide range of industries and competency areas. We have a group of professional advisers and consultants that have been working in various fields for more than 30 years.

Our consultancy services are offered in the fields of:
1-    Management
2-    Finance and Accounting
3-    Media and PR
4-    IT & Tele-Communication
5-    Health and Safety\

Why Consultancy?
Consultancy became a must for many firms as changing Demographics grow Globalization & world Markets expand and scarcity of Resources. Consultancy services can help you reach your goals with more knowledge gained in dynamic Technology & Innovation and sharing Global Responsibility. LASA’s services in this respect can help you detect problems and find solutions in addition into adding more expertise’ advice to your firm.

How do we do consultancy?

“You either come to us or we come for you”

LASA can provide consultancy services at any time and any location. Consultancy can take the form of remedial training or problem solving method. We can guide your company to the best practice that can help you reach your short and long term goals.